OPEN DAILY 11.00 TO 23.00

Royal Stag Bistro is the first Bistro in Bandung that has British Vintage concept. The dishes being offered are inspired from British traditional recipes which can be enjoyed inside a warm old-living room atmosphere. The exterior design of the building adapting the “half timbered” theme from the 16th century. This is a family business run by 5 siblings. Having lived in London, UK, the owners try to bring their cultural experience to be presented in the business.

As unique as the exterior, the interior is also has its own taste and feel, distinct with any other places in Bandung. Stag decorations dominating the room, taken from the name “Royal Stag” which means a stag (adult male deer) with 12 or more branches that was a prestigious prey being hunted by the elite of Britain. The dining room designed to create a specific ambience of that British warmth, romance and masculinity as the same time.

Royal Stag Bistro open for public for the first time on the 23rd of November 2013 (soft opening). Reservations can be made by call. Follow @royalstagbistro on Twitter and Instagram for updates on promotions and events.